Ryan Reeves

Ryan Reeves

Software Engineer

Professional Profile

To continue to learn and grow as a software engineer.

Work Experience

November 2013 - Present

Magento Engineer

Electric Pulp

  • Implemented responsive elements for Magento websites
  • Created extensions, customized and implemented 3rd-party extensions

July 2012 - September 2013

PHP Developer

DEG - Digital Evolution Group

  • Implemented a new business to business website using the Magento framework
  • Maintained and improved performance of several e-commerce websites using Magento framework
  • Created and improved sales reports for multi-million e-commerce sites

Additional work history available upon request.

Technical Skills

Expert, 6 years


Familiar with advanced PHP programming topics including design patterns (MVC, EAV, Factory, Observer, etc), cache management, best practices, and security vulnerabilities.

Also familiar with version control, Xdebug, PHPStorm, and other misc tools.

Advanced, 2 years

Magento Engineer, Developer+

Received Magento Developer+ Certification in January 2013.

Advanced, 4 years

Server Administration

Familiar with the entire server stack, able to deploy new websites from scratch and troubleshoot existing ones (esp performance issues). Software used: Apache, Nginx, MySQL, memcache, varnish, etc.


University of Missouri - Kansas City

Studies in Computer Science

Computer science studies up to 300 level courses. Left university early for full-time employment.

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